Wednesday, July 13, 2011

saved the best for last

we had heard about this hike before, but were very pleasantly surprised by how beautiful it was and how adventurous we had to be for it. aren't the best experiences in life the ones you have no great expectations for and you can let yourself enjoy what comes?

1.walking into the unknown
2. we thought walking through this cold stream was bad...
3,4,5,6,7. climbing up and over logs, camera is getting slightly worried
8,9,10,11. more scenic walking
 12. up to our calves in water, camera is getting a little more worried
13. back to walking and logs
14. so this is the water, about 7 feet deep, the others were talking about. we thought they were exaggerating and expected something more like up to our waist. expendable clothes came off and camera was wrapped in a plastic bag. swam about 20 feet with clothes, camera, backpack in the air. matt was the camera's hero for carrying it across safely. water was cold enough that you almost had a hard time breathing, but we got used to it quickly.
15, 16. the end was well worth the trek
17,18,19,20,21. playing in the water and lots of mist, camera was annoyed
22. camera recovering from the waterfall and giving off a nice glow for rach and manti at multnomah falls
23. rach and manti waving from the bridge

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  1. this place is BEAUTIFUL! i want to go. ps. cute matching sports bras :)