Tuesday, August 18, 2009

what's going on

matt is working hard at his job at no more mortgage. i'm working hard trying to find a job, probably not hard enough. matt says i need to bug people everyday to get a job i want.

matt has been listening to books on audio and so far he has listened to glenn beck's common sense, 5000 year leap (a book i had to read for my econ class this summer), 1776, lone survivor and just started count of monte cristo (there may be another book or two, but i can't remember). we started listening to lone survivor on our way back to utah from colorado after he finished 1776 and it is really good. matt even said it made him want to live in texas. it's a true story about a proud texan who becomes a navy seal and during a mission in afghanistan he is the only one to survive. the largest loss of elite soldiers ever and it is very well written.

my mom is coming to town today! woo hoo!

i finished summer term last week (hallelujuah!). i'm glad to get economics and statistics out of the way.

last night at sushi (yamato sushi restaurant in orem, BEST sushi we've had so far and great service: miso soup, salad and ice cream, all on-the-house) our very nice server confirmed all my fears about looking really young when she asked:

server (to matt): "is this your sister?"(referring to me)

matt: "no, this is my wife."

server (to me): "oh, you look to young to be married. how old are you?"

me: "i'm 22."

server: "0h, i thought you were 17."

the sad thing is i thought that when you dress up and wear more makeup you look older, not in my case...it was my first time to wear a headband in probably 3 years...and it could've been the flower on the headband that defined me as a girl who is not old enough to be a legal adult. also, people who meet me or my sister for the first time, automatically assume she is the older one...so it's official, i feel 17 and i look 17. which will be good in the future right?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

come what may, and love it

i love this message and i am so grateful for the leaders of the church

colorado pictures

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we heart each other (and guns)

we went shooting again. matt is really good and i have to say that i am getting pretty good too. i really like matt's gun (it doesn't have too much kick and is easy to aim) matt went through the house to find random things to shoot (mainly bottles and bad fruit, apples work great) i really like watching the boys throw stuff up in the air, shoot and blast them away into little pieces.
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whit's bridal shower!

whitney gets married in 5 days! woo hoo! we started the celebration by eating pizza and chatting at my apartment and decided to go hot tubbing instead of seven peaks water park because of time and the weather. afterwards, we ate sundaes and played games and it was fun to have girl talk and hear more about whitney and her man, scott (not mike haha). the bride-to-be got a lot of cute stuff and i'm so excited for her!
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colorado and birthday weekend

i'm 22 and i'm not ready! matt and i had were able to drive out to where his parents and his sister, cassi, were visiting buena vista, colorado where jenni, jonathan, ethan and noah were living for a short time. we went camping and they were nice enough to sing me happy birthday and surprised me with a birthday cake. the kids enjoyed the river by the campsite while matt, jonathan and bill kept the fire going and cooked our delicious soup, brats, steak, and corn on the cobs, that jenni and christi had prepared. it was delicious! the next morning at camp, matt, me, jonathan, and bill drove up to the trailhead to hike up mt. harvard and it was beautiful, but tough! there was always a constant change of scenery from the aspens, ponderosas and the river, to small bushes, then to lots and lots of rocks and finally snow at the top. we saw tiny squirrels and marmots along the way and the wind and altitude became gradually intense, especially at the top. it took 5 1/2 hours to get up and 4 hours to get down. coming down was even harder, it was steep and i'll need to give my knees some time to recover before i'll go hiking again. after the hike bill found out that mt. harvard is only 75 ft smaller than the tallest mountain in the continental u.s. (mt. mckinley) mt. harvard is 14, 420 ft tall! it was my first time to climb a mountain to the highest peak and i had no idea how tough it would be, but i'm glad we did it! it was nice to be out in nature in "colorful colorado" and the small town of buena vista was so nice. we would constantly see deer roaming the streets and matt and i had the BEST pork nachos from a bbq stand. SO GOOD.

matt's parents and cassi left on saturday and sunday (my birthday) jenni was so nice and had a big breakfast for matt and i when we woke up. we hung out for a little while and then matt and i had to go back to utah because i had a final the next day, so on our way back i was studying while matt listened to the book 1776 on audio. we drove through aspen this time and ate at qdobas mexican grill (yummm) at the last big town we were going to drive through. when we got home, rachel and alayna came over with a delicious birthday cake and i was able to open gifts after my final the next day that my parents sent with rachel. i has a great birthday! thank you so much to everyone who made me feel so special and loved!

the view from the top of mt. harvard

provo river - round 2

with andy and jen in town for jon and annie's wedding they wanted to make the most of their trip to utah by floating the provo river. so me, matt, rachel, the skeltons, the emorys, and andrew all went and this round went a lot smoother than our last adventure floating the river. we rented tubes this time so we wouldn't have to worry about them popping and we found out last trip you can get a ticket for not wearing a life jacket (stupid, i know). we hung on to each others single tubes as we comfortably sat out of the freezing water and enjoyed the summer sun and the mountains around us in the provo canyon while dodging rocks, trees and brush. i love summer activities in utah and its too bad there are only a few months in the year to enjoy them...
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jon and annie kimball - 08.01.09

jon and annie had their reception at sundance and it was beautiful. the hall was covered with bright summer colors and the food was delicious. we were able to see a lot of santa barbara friends (matt above holding micah's 8-day old baby), also andy and jen, and scott and lindsay. they had a live band and lots of people were dancing...i discovered that matt is a very good dancer, matt and i would tease each other that we were a better dancer than the other without actually trying to prove it so i always ask him to dance for me and he always says no, so he really impressed me with his moves on the dance floor. matt enjoyed talking to people he hadn't seen in a long time and i enjoy meeting the people matt grew up with. weddings are so fun and i can't wait for whit's this weekend.
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salem mud volleyball tournament 2009

matt and his friends participated in the annual mud volleyball tournament where rob is from. matt did it last year and was SO excited for the tournament. they made it to the finals and were able to take 3rd place. i know they would have wanted to win the whole thing, but they were happy they got their beloved t-shirts. after every game they won, they would run into a huddle and jump on top of each other in the mud and it seemed like they were probably enjoying it a little TOO much, a little awkward...anyways, i had the miss the final game because my sister was flying in from dallas and i am so excited she is back in utah!
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