Tuesday, July 12, 2011

food snob

After picking up a rental car for Matt to use this week for work, I followed him to make a stop at UCSB for one of his favorite joints, Freebirds. (We've had it in Texas, but it is not the same.) On the way out, Matt was pulled over and I knew it was for not wearing his seat belt. I wasn't mad, because he deserves a little kick in pants to start obeying the law. All this Ron Paul, "It's my right to choose whether or not to wear a seat belt", mumbo jumbo can only last for so long and my pleading, dreaming up scenarios of reasons to wear seat belts and bets have yet to get him to buckle up.

Anyway, as I was watching him across the way waiting for the cop to hand him his ticket, I realized something and my blood pressure shot up. I realized our food could get soggy during this unexpected stop and I was getting more and more impatient at the fuzz for pulling Matt over. This can't be normal.

My name is Loral and I am a food snob.

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