Friday, July 15, 2011

bob dylan concert

My brother's text after telling him of our experience. He saw Bob in concert in Nashville and highly recommended that we go:
You just saw one of the greatest American artists in the flesh! He's been doin' it since 1961!

The band was amazing, his piano, bass and harmonica playing was amazing, his raspy voice is still amazing, and even though he only sang a few classics, sitting in a beautiful, intimate venue, with no opening act, in 5th row, 30 feet away from him, I could not stop looking at him or shaking my head. We were in awe.

 When we found out he would be at the Santa Babara bowl this week, Matt tried buying tickets multiple times to later find out those tickets were already sold, but hours before the concert would start, he found tickets for half their original selling price. You did good Matt, real good. 

No cameras were allowed, but that didn't stop anyone from pulling out their camera phones. Hence the lack of quality in our pictures.

We ended the night by listening to the radio Bob Dylan marathon on our way to In-n-out and were blown away by the countless Harry Potter fans waiting in line for 4+ blocks for the midnight showing.
I've only read one of the books, seen a few of the movies, and I'm sad it's all ending.


  1. I love Bob!! There is something so sexy about him!! I'm super jealous!