Monday, July 18, 2011

boat ride

The last time Matt and I were in the ocean in Santa Barbara was when were still dating and we went kayaking. The best part of that experience was seeing seals unexpectedly pop out of the water. The other memorable part of that experience was when for the first time in my life I felt seasick and wanted to rest on shore, which happened to be a known nudist beach. We rested for awhile and then pushed our kayaks back in the water. Unfortunately, I didn't make it past the first waves and was pushed back onto the beach. We hadn't seen anyone on the beach, but before I knew it, a very nice, but very naked man was asking me if I needed help. Seeing what was about to happen, Matt did his best to make it back to me, but not quite in time. Luckily, I was able to avoid my brain from retaining any and all unwanted memories of that experience.

This time was about fishing, but the boat was rocking a little too much. The rolling water made it a fun run, but not good for fishing. We ended up enjoying a long, relaxing ride under a cloudless sky, with seal sightings and boat watching.

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  1. Oh no we are taking a sea kayaking class this fall. I didn't even think about the sea sick part.