Tuesday, December 14, 2010

there is no place like texas

As much as Texas annoys the rest of America with it's pride, you can't deny the fact that Texas is unique. I'm not surprised Texas would go as far as to put itself in Christmas's place on this pillow my mom and I found while shopping. The funny thing is we thought this was cute, not weird. I'm sure no one would be proud to display their "Merry Idaho'mas or Cali'mas" pillow. That would be weird, right? Not for Texans. To Texans, the Texas flag or the outline of Texas is cute on everything. Frames, pillows, cookie cutters, ornaments, coasters, birdhouses, tattoos, fingernails, swimsuits, dishes, cuff-links, you name it, it's probably already been done. We celebrate Texas in every way possible. Do you see Oregon doing this?

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