Tuesday, December 14, 2010

few things excite me, part 1

So when I post about it, it is unusually important to me.

I rediscover I like ice cream when I come home.
Where Blue Bell does not grace the freezer aisles of grocery stores is a shame and I pity those who have not had the opportunity to partake. No other brands can compare. Unlike all other brands, Blue Bell has not downsized the size of their container while increasing price and is "still a 1/2 gallon", as stated by the little red banner on the front of the carton. Most importantly, they don't skimp on the good stuff. The stuff-to-ice cream ratio is perfecto. Peppermint is my favorite, but unfortunately, is seasonal. 
Apparently, there is a Kettle Corn flavor that I have not tried yet...not for long.

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