Thursday, December 16, 2010

walter is awesome and deserves a post of his own

While my brother is gone, I am having the pleasure of caring for and hanging out with his English bulldog.

could sleep all day.
does not like his walks and runs into his crate when you bring out the collar and leash.
does not like when his wrinkles are cleaned. Yes, you have to clean out their wrinkles.
barks at the vacuum and the printer when they are on.
inhales his food.
snores, loudly.
is the sweetest dog ever.
is so cute when you see his little tail wagging, when you see his face and ears prop up in curiosity and when he runs around during his random spurts of energy.

He sleeps like this, with his chin propped on the side of his crate so he can breath more easily. Looks very uncomfortable.
Loves to give handshakes; lying down, sitting or standing up.
Ugly, yet so cute.
These pictures do not do justice in portraying his true size. He reminds me of how a pig looks when I see him sprawled out like this.
He is always hanging his tongue out like that.
To Matt's disdain, I do love dogs. He would be happy to know that I am realizing I would have a hard time leaving a dog alone for long periods of time in an apartment, so I am putting the "getting a dog" thing on hold until further consideration and deliberation. Matt does get gold stars and points for offering to give me a dog for Christmas, though.

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