Tuesday, August 30, 2011

another utah trip and more sister time

I got to see my sis for the third time this summer. With our friend's wedding and Rach's last week of summer break, I am a lucky girl to have spent time with her, Manti, friends and enjoy a little bit of the hot, Utah summer. Every time I visit Utah now, I get more and more nostalgic for the mountains and BYU. Never thought I would miss school, but BYU/Provo is definitely a place like no other.

I came in on Rach's birthday, we got In-N-Out for dinner and Manti surprised Rach and I with Rach's favorite chocolate cake from La Jolla Groves and birthday candles to celebrate our August birthdays. Manti is awesome and I could go on and on about what a great brother-in-law he is.

I love spending time with these two and my time in Utah went by way too fast!

Friday, August 19, 2011

i will be the mom that tries too hard

Babies, toddlers, kids, love Matt. If you are a baby turned around in a pew at church and see Matt's face, you will be locked in, loaded with smiles and ready to fire them at all angles. This is not an exaggeration. I test this hypothesis every chance I get it and it is a bona fide fact. All Matt has to do is smile. I, on the other hand, have to act a fool for giggles and smiles. Kids are not easily impressed with me. And tickling, that is a whole other knack that I just don't have.

Only time will tell, but I accepted long ago that our babies will love Matt more and I will be the mom that tries too hard.

Pictures of Matt with a few of his nephews from our SB trip.

The highlight of this trip was when Brandon called me by name and asked if I wanted to jump on the trampoline with him and Matt. Loral is not an easy name for little ones to say, they pronounce it more like rawr-aul. It is pretty darn cute.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

aunt and uncle for the 18th time

It seems like at least 2 or 3 of the Hansen sisters are pregnant at any given time. Matt's mom and sister were up with Jaimi and her family in northern WA and we got to visit last weekend to meet the newest grand baby.

  1. Playing Hedbanz (you have to ask "Am I a..." type of questions to guess your card) with Matt's sister and niece. We thought Matt's card was hilarious. The game reminded of us of the Office's 'Diversity Day' episode. For your viewing pleasure, a clip or two from the episode.
  2. Matt's newest nephew, Oliver.
  3. Oysters were all over the beach.
  4. Violet enjoyed throwing big rocks in the water.
  5. I love this guy.
  6. Matt and Oliver. By Oliver's expression, I think he got a glimpse of Matt's giant hands and saw his short life pass before his eyes.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

birthday celebration

After making a landscape plan for my sister-in-law, we unexpectedly got a generous gift certificate to eat at DOC and decided to use it for my birthday celebration last weekend. Matt is working in Philadelphia this week and could not be with me on my actual birthday.

The restaurant is small and fancy with a tiny kitchen at the entrance when you walk through the door. We tried the 'Taste Menu', where you get whatever the chefs want to serve. Matt faced the kitchen during our dinner, so he could see what was coming out before I could. When he saw the oysters were coming he said to me "Are you going to eat everything that we get?" I took that as a challenge and said of course. One second later, the oysters were placed on our table and Matt had a big smile on his face. My husband is a trickster. These delicacies are definitely an acquired taste. I had to be extra adventurous to finish my fair share. The two and a half hour dinner was delicious and Matt referred to each dish as another "flavor explosion". It was a special treat.

Afterwards, we saw the new Planet of the Apes and give it a thumbs up. I do not feel mature enough to be 24, but maybe I will catch up this year!

Friday, August 5, 2011

go bobcats!

Steve has inspired me with his 4.0 GPA and if I ever figure out what I want to do, going back to school actually sounds like fun. He was a great host and we had so much fun on our much too short visit.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

bbq and cinnamon buns

Steve took us to Lockhart, TX, home to many of the best bbq joints in Texas. The bbq pit he took us to was very inconspicuous.

When you first walk through the rundown, wood screen doors, it doesn't look like an entrance to a restaurant. You enter a hot, dark hall and find your way through the door of a large mess hall type of dining room and then walk through the back entrance to the pit (it was so hot and smokey I had a hard time breathing normally) where you order your brisket, sausage, ribs and are offered white sliced bread or crackers to go with your meat. All of your food is wrapped up in paper "plates" and a plastic knife. You get a spoon if you get beans. Your hands are your fork. Lots of napkins are required.

Steve prepared us for the routine of the place since it seems they don't take too kindly to city folk or at least they had that aura. The process kind of reminded me of the Seinfeld's 'Soup Nazi' episode. They don't have bbq sauce and it is not necessary. All of it was so good. My favorite were the ribs. I want to go back.

Another special treat was when Steve took us to San Marcos' hot spot, Gil's Broiler afterwards to get a Manske Roll a la mode. It is a hot cinammon bun, no icing, soaked in butter topped with Bluebell vanilla ice cream shaped into a heart. You can also get a Manske roll with a chocolate Hershey bar on top, but that is for another time.

Monday, August 1, 2011

i want to move to central texas for the live music scene

It couldn't get much better than to have my first real saloon, honky tonk experience at this place Steve took us to in San Marcos. Hearing the clacking of billboard balls in the back, the place lit up by only fluorescent bar lights and the small stage where the likes of Garth Brooks and Willie Nelson have played was a treat. For three hours we listened to The Hems (Dusty and Jamie) and Halley Anna and the Tennessee Volunteers and it was soooo good. I feel like I should have paid way more than the $5 admittance fee.