Thursday, August 11, 2011

aunt and uncle for the 18th time

It seems like at least 2 or 3 of the Hansen sisters are pregnant at any given time. Matt's mom and sister were up with Jaimi and her family in northern WA and we got to visit last weekend to meet the newest grand baby.

  1. Playing Hedbanz (you have to ask "Am I a..." type of questions to guess your card) with Matt's sister and niece. We thought Matt's card was hilarious. The game reminded of us of the Office's 'Diversity Day' episode. For your viewing pleasure, a clip or two from the episode.
  2. Matt's newest nephew, Oliver.
  3. Oysters were all over the beach.
  4. Violet enjoyed throwing big rocks in the water.
  5. I love this guy.
  6. Matt and Oliver. By Oliver's expression, I think he got a glimpse of Matt's giant hands and saw his short life pass before his eyes.

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  1. Such pretty pictures! What part of WA do they live in? That lake is gorgeous!