Thursday, July 7, 2011

taste of portland

After going to Podnah's Pit with Matt's sister and her family our first weekend moving to Portland, I knew this place was a must go to for visitors. Again, everything was amazing and maybe it's been too long, but I dare say this is the best BBQ I have ever had. Of course, the owners are from Texas.

Afterward, we drove around downtown, happened upon Pioneer Courthouse Square where there was some hula-hooping and music for anyone who wanted to dance. Our primary objective was to see Niketown. The displays were cool, but I was expecting something a little bigger and better.

After seeing parts of downtown, I did notice that Rach used the word weird to describe it and I think Portland would be proud of that.

Upon entering WA, an outline of Washington state with a big red apple in the middle. Stem, leaf and all.


  1. You look like your mom in their engagement picture. I'm pretty sure your hair is exactly the same as hers was.

  2. umm HELLO. That looks awesome! Definitely going to have to hit that up once I've recovered from the 4th.