Monday, June 13, 2011

a weller's weekend

These little ladies kept us on our toes last weekend. It's hard not to love the Weller girls with their angelic eyes and sweet smiles. Watching them move to Michael Fronti and Wii's Just Dance was all the entertainment I needed.

We successfully revisited Multnomah Falls and Powell's Bookstore, but trying to get a taste of Voodoo doughnuts or checkout Nike Headquarters was another story. Our dreams of trying the renowned bacon maple bar or walking the grounds where the swoosh is king have not been discouraged.

We ate at a popular restaurant chain called McMenamins. The great thing about the chain is that every location is unique. This weekend we ate at the location built on a former site of a WWII shipyard along the Columbia. It was fun to take in the scenic setting, watching sailboats and ships fight the current of the river. Many of McMenamins locations are renovated historical properties. The first McMenamins we went to was originally a poor farm for Multnomah county and is now a destination resort.

To top off the weekend, Jaimi, an amazing cook, made the most delicious lemon blueberry scones.


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