Tuesday, June 14, 2011

final man-chel wedding post

The reception's main features included a live band, a room set up to make your own flipbook (my nieces and nephew LOVED it, making around 20 of them), engagement video, and a groom's cake made of doughnuts.

My sister-in-law informed me that my grandma wore this same beautiful dress for her own daughter's wedding over 40 years ago. An example of why to keep a timeless, stylin' wardrobe.
You would only get this cute mailbox idea if you have seen the movie "Up".
Rachel's dress was the cake's inspiration. It was beautiful.
The reception was held in the Grand Hall of the Union Pacific Station, completed in 1909, in downtown Salt Lake. I'm mad I didn't take more pitcures of the room. There were beautiful stain glass windows.

Luke didn't need music to warm up for the dancing before the reception.

Rachel learned a Samoan dance for the reception and did a beautiful job. I loved seeing how much Manti's family and relatives enjoyed it.


  1. That video made my day!! How cute of her to learn the dance!! Gorgeous couple and gorgeous wedding!!

  2. Loral,
    You took AH-MAZE-ING pictures! They are seriously so gorgeous! This was such a great day! You look beautiful in the pictures!