Monday, May 23, 2011

anniversary celebration

Celebrating anything for us usually means going on road trips. We drove farther south of the Oregon coast to see what we could find. Even though it was supposed to be a sunny/cloudy day, I've learned you can't depend on weather forecasts. I decided I need a wetsuit for whenever we are visiting the ocean, even if I don't get in the water. We were lucky an umbrella magically showed up in the car. Of course, the drive and the coast was beautiful. We ate fresh seafood, Matt micro-managed how many reeses peanut butter cups and pieces of salt water taffy I ate, and our shoes and pants were wet by the end of the trip. It was a memorable, fun day!

Matt was embarassed by my "3 inch" jumps.

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  1. Its SOOOOO GORGEOUS!!! i miss you!!! see you in like a week!