Thursday, November 4, 2010

we can't wait any longer

Dear Utah,

         You are beautiful. Probably one of the prettiest states in America. Your variety of natural landscapes are magical wonders and few places can compare to you. That's why it is hard to tell you that we will be moving.  It's not your fault (although, we could have done without years of nonstop I-15 road construction). As you have known, Matt and I have always thought of Utah as a pit stop for school and I'm sorry if we have toyed with you by lingering here after we graduated. You have been good to us and we feel we have made the most of our time here.
        We have been anticipating where we will be next and what's worse than not knowing where we will move, is not knowing when we will move. So, we made the "grown-up" decision to move in with my parents in Dallas until we know where we will be for Matt's job. We leave the weekend after Thanksgiving. I am so excited even though I know once we hit the road, I will be missing my sister like crazy and begging Matt to take me back. If we need "the greatest snow on earth" or to attend a wedding. We will be back. We can't kid ourselves anymore, Utah. Let's just rip off the band-aid and let the healing process begin.

Matt and Loral

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