Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the origin of bu and pu

For Jaimi and anyone else:
I guess I should clear up why all of a sudden I am referring to Matt as Bu. Matt started it, close to 3 years ago.

I thought he got it from the Usher and Alicia Keys song, "My Boo". He claims he didn't get it from that song, has never heard of that song, and does not recognize it when I try to sing it. Must have been popular when he was on his mission.

The spelling came from Matt, as well, because "that is how it is spelled." I looked it up on and it can be spelled that way.

At first, we were both bu and then he started calling me pu, like "poo." I still sometimes smirk at it today, because I am immature and think of poo.

When I am really whiny, I say "BU BEEEEE".

I wouldn't put it on here before because I used to think it was too corny and thought "no one wants to read that". Then, I didn't care anymore.

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  1. lol Thanks Loral! The mystery is solved. And I love it. It's kind of funny that Matt's name is Bu and Bill's name is Lou. hahaha Now if Angie could be Cou, or Du... lol