Tuesday, November 2, 2010

i feel like a goldfish

The realization that I have the eyes of a 90-year-old woman really hits me when I get glasses. I haven't had glasses in 10+ years, but I needed more motivation to take out my contact lenses before bed and as a back-up in case my contacts fail me. The last pair of glasses I got, I didn't wear at all because they were so Coke Bottle thick.

We paid extra for the thinner lenses this time (Can you imagine if we didn't?!), but there is only so much a lense can shrink when your prescription is as bad as mine.

My peripheral vision is skewed where the lenses curve, so I can't exactly tell how close or how far objects are at my side and basically, I feel like I am looking out from the inside of a fishbowl.  

I will never, ever drive with these. I already have a hard time walking in them!
Lasik is in my future and I am crossing my fingers our kids will get Matt's eyes.


  1. hahah i love it! i know you aren't going to be here much longer, but hoops vision center always has a lot of contests going on to win free LASIK. Maybe you should check out some places in dallas or something. just an idea...i mean who would turn down free lasik??! i need to get in on it actually.

  2. Loral, apparently you and Jared inherited the same eyes. I think his contacts are like -5.5 in one eye and the other eye is worse. We're saving our money for Lasik for him to! It will be a VERY happy day for him :)

  3. Often time, if available, vision insurance is not too expensive and will cover a huge chunk of the Lasik bill. Also, go to a reputable place. The eyes are WAY to important to go to a mediocre one. I like the shot of your glasses in your hand, it kind of looks like a real view of what you'd be seeing, or not.