Friday, July 23, 2010

world's largest, record breaking water balloon fight. no big deal.

The record was broken by 25 participants and 1,021 balloons, making it a total of 3,927 participants and 120,000 balloons. It is also for Kyle Andrew's music video for the song "You Always Make Me Smile" that comes out in August. As you can tell from the video, it was a war zone. It hurt when a balloon hit you and before you know it, you are soaking wet. Mickelle was hit three times in the head. Luckily, only once for me. You had to keep your head down and throw without looking, you had no idea when one would nail you in the face.

Looks like I am in the record books again, folks. First, for the largest attendance of a basketball game at the Cowboys Stadium for the NBA All-Star game and now this.

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  1. k, that looks like soo much fun... jealous of all your fun and creative adventures this summer!!