Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"The Church is true wherever you go."

I just talked to my Dad today who has been traveling a lot lately to Ghana for work. He said he was in the Accra Ghana Temple the other day and I thought that was so cool. He was there with people who spoke many different languages, but they were all taking part in the same ordinances that happen everyday and in almost every part of the world. He made a statement that I knew, but struck me differently when he said it 7,000 miles away, "The Church is true wherever you go."

I cannot stop thinking about the summer I had a chance to go to Europe with my parents and sis with the soccer team and then going to the BYU Jerusalem Center. After getting back from these amazing places, it almost feels like they were a dream, but those memories have stuck with me more than any other experiences.

While in Florence, we went to Church and I am so grateful that taking part in Sacrament there is no different than if I was taking it at Church in Utah or anywhere. Even though I couldn't understand everything while listening to the members' testimonies during the meeting, I felt the spirit and I know what they were saying was true. I had another experience like this in Jordan while with students from the Jerusalem Center and I just cannot wait for the day when all the world has the opportunity to learn and choose whether or not to accept what I know is true. I am so grateful to have the Church in my life, my whole life and that I have been taught the same, true, constant gospel as other millions across the world.

Accra Ghana Temple


  1. Loral! Silly me, I didn't know you had a blog. I just read your review of Dale Carnegie's book about worrying and subsequently purchased a copy for myself - it sounds perfect. Keep in touch!

  2. Loral, I love reading your blog! :) See you in a few weeks!!