Tuesday, July 20, 2010

change is the only constant

This has been an overwhelming week. Matt was offered a job with a great company and we are so excited!  He will be training for four months and then we could move anywhere in the country at the end of the year. He doesn't start until late August, so we have the great opportunity to do as much as we can with this free time before he starts. 

As for me, I walked in April, but I still had an online class to finish before I would officially graduate. I am happy to report I finished it and I cannot wait to get that diploma in the mail. 

Pictures as of late:

I don't remember Utah summers being this hot! Matt's freshly buzzed head. I like rubbing my hand on it.

Rach left me this note at the testing center while I was taking my very last final.

To celebrate we ate out at a delicious new restaurant and stopped in a fun toy store.

My legs                                           Rach's legs

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  1. very cute pics! i wish we could've seen you guys before we left :(... Take advantage of your time together and enjoy utah for me :), I miss those mountains already!