Monday, May 10, 2010

a life-changing book and mother's day

Dale Carnegie is better known for his book How to Win Friends and Influence People (and the next book I am going to read), but the most recent book I have read by Carnegie has in a large way changed my life. It is called How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. My mom read it when she was 29 and she gave it to me to read because she knows of my battle with the unknown and my unconstructive desires to control what happens to me.

I strongly believe that anyone who reads this book will gain some kind of invaluable knowledge to live by. Even if you have no worries and are completely happy, you will have a greater appreciation for your life aftering reading the hundreds of stories and interviews Carnegie uses to justify his advice and methods to conquering worry. Carnegie has covered every possible topic and method of living a happy, fulfilling life without worry and they are all equally important. I can't say enough how amazing this book is. It is an easy read and is practically 341 pages of stories and knowledge of awe-inspiring people from Christ to Benjamin Franklin and so many more scholars and leaders that we can learn from.

This book was written in 1948 and gives fasinating examples of how people overcame worry during the depression, war, and unimagineable situations most of us will never be faced with. I would read this book just for the history and to learn more about the amazing people Carnegie learned from to write this book.

This book has changed my life and has given me a new perspective on what I can do to improve myself and attitude towards the unknown.

At the beginning of the book, Carnegie gives the advice to read each chapter twice before moving on to the next and to take notes. I did read each chapter twice before moving on and regret not taking notes. I was happy to read each chapter twice before moving on. The information is THAT valuable and the stories are THAT fascinating. I loved reading this book.

I am so grateful my mom gave me this book.
Speaking of my mom...yesterday was Mother's Day!
We went to church, ate brunch, opened presents, napped, swam, played games and watched the nba playoffs. It was a fun day celebrating the greatest mom ever.

The day before Mother's Day; Rach, mom and I went to Thanksgiving Point for the Beehive Bazaar (craft show) and walked around the gardens there.
The lady at the front desk told us about the new owl and its babies at the waterfall. The owl's head moved like a robot.

Besides all this excitement, Matt and I were able to see Matt's mom, Aunt Deena and cousins as they came to Utah for a short day trip for Matt's great Aunt's 80th birthday. It was at a beautiful park up American Fork Canyon and made me more anxious to spend time this summer hiking and camping. I love Utah in the summer!

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  1. Wow, you guys are having so much fun! I miss Utah in the Spring, but I miss seeing you guys more. love you Loral Babes!