Wednesday, May 26, 2010

cupcake pebbles and biggest loser

Biggest Loser is a Nelson family favorite. This is the only reality show I would watch for an entire season. Although it may be a little too dramatic sometimes and there are alot of shameless plugs for Subway and Jenny-O Turkey (thanks to DVR we can avoid those), I quite enjoy watching the contestants overcome their physical obstacles and emotional distress. It is so motivating and I can't get enough of it. In celebration of the season finale, we made the very delicious and not so nutritious cupcake pebbles topped with the best icing out there, rainbow chip.

Matt and I will finish phase one of P90X today. It was an off again, on again process in the beginning with family in town, but I am seeing small changes and we won't have as many distractions here on out. I am proud to announce, I can do a deadlift pull up! Just one, but still a big deal. I want to talk about Matt's changes, but he won't let me because he claims it is MY blog. Which may be true.

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