Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July

matt and i had SO MUCH fun rafting the tuolumne river by yosemite national park with kelli, matt's dad, the trichlers and their long-time rafting buddies. we rafted the river consisting of class 4 and 5 rapids during the day and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of large slate rocks and mountains surrounding us. during mealtime sherrie provided us with gourmet food and during the free time we played card games and bocce (a ball game i had never played before) and then we'd sleep under a gazillion stars at night. they are pros and have they're rafting trips organized like nothing i've seen. there were four large boats and matt and i were the paddlers for jeremy's boat while he used huge oars to row. jeremy was an expert on how to get us through each rapid and would let us know when we needed to paddle forward and backward. besides a couple close calls of almost falling out of the boat or when matt was wacked with an oar, it was a safe trip. the most exciting part of rafting was seeing a huge rapid and the white water and not knowing what to expect when you paddle over it. i love adrenaline so i like feeling the danger of not knowing what to expect. the water was nice and cool and we got plenty of sun, which we both needed. other than that it was just nice to be out in nature, out of the norm and be able to relax. matt was a trooper and drove the entire 24 hour car trip back and forth to provo. we drove through nevada passing only 2 towns, the scenery was nice and there was one road that felt like a roller coaster. the best part of the drive was drivng through yosemite national park. there was beautiful scenery mainly consisting of white granite rock, tall skinny redwoods, and giant mountains. we took a ton of pictures and they will be up soon. california has so many wonderful outdoor opportunities and i would love to do a trip like this again!

matt saw this sign saying "speeding kills bears" and we thought it was funny (i was hoping we would see a bear this trip)

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