Wednesday, October 12, 2011

waterfalls everywhere!

Saturday turned out to be perfect to hike Eagle Creek Trail in Columbia River Gorge, OR. Our goal was Tunnel Falls, but Matt counted 10 waterfalls on the hike. Most of them were slightly hidden and we would've had to make our own routes to see them with unobstructed views. After 5 hours of hiking, we couldn't feel our feet anymore and were whining like big babies, but having had experienced Tunnel Falls, it was worth it. I have to thank Pinterest for informing me of this beautiful place.


  1. wow, that place is gorgeous!!!!I'm jealous

  2. So pretty! I'm thinking Scott and I should come visit! And maybe talk Rach and Manti into it as well--we can make a road trip of it!

  3. GORGEOUS!!! You are so lucky to be in Oregon!
    - Aunt Cathy