Monday, September 12, 2011

fish and chips

A friend from church had recommended to me that the next time we went to Astoria that we should eat at Bowpickers where you can get the best fish and chips. It was a fun surprise to see that Bowpickers was actually a fishing boat turned into a little kitchen and parked on a hill just 50 yards from the ocean. A place this unique has to serve exceptionally good food and it did.

Ordering food on a boat parked on land reminded us of a place we ate at on our honeymoon. It was a small, rickety, old wood ship nestled in a forest area with a few, tiny houses surrounding it. Like the boat we ate at in Astoria, there was a staircase built to board, but you actually ate at little tables on the ship. The chef and owner was a former coach for the Olympic Russian women's gymnastics team. He was a short, tan, muscular guy in a cut-off shirt who looked to be in his 50s. Just another foreigner living the "pura vida" in Costa Rica. He and his mama ran the place. No menu and you were given a choice of two options. We were the only customers that night. I don't remember what kind of fish we had and it was served with a side of rice with some kind of cranberry sauce and it was delicious. It was one of those experiences that feels more like a dream. I wish I had taken a picture of the place.

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