Monday, July 11, 2011

rest of the coast trip

we revisited some our favorite spots. earlier expedition can be found here.

1. wild oregon foxgloves grow all over
2,3,4. walking the trail to the beach. we felt out of place being the only crew without a dog.
5. sassy sista
6. the boys
7,8. husband and wife pics
9. feet
10. cave full of prime skipping rocks
11. matt was the best rock skipper rach ever saw
12. newlywed mushiness
13. rach, manti and waterfall
14,15. i spotted the starfish, the starfish did it's best to resist matt from picking him off it's rock, but it wasn't good enough.
16. sea anemones that close up when you touch them
17. ecola state park
18. rach spotted what we thought at the time was deer on the way out. we showed the pictures to matt's littlest sister, who is 11 and an animal expert, and she corrected us that they are elk.
19, 20. cannon beach

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