Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the mesquite rodeo

John and Kristen were so sweet to think of me and surprise me with a ticket to the Mesquite Rodeo when they found out I would be visiting home. Thanks to the wonderful 55-250 mm lens, I could capture some intense moments. I love the rodeo! Big belt buckles and all.

I restrained myself to only making one animated gif, but couldn't hold back on adding a gazillion pictures. Cowboys are crazy. When I take my kids to the rodeo, they will take part in the sheep riding.

how to make a gif

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  1. Hi Loral, I don't see another way to contact you, so I hope this works. I'm decorating my office with pictures of Mesquite and would love to use one of your picture of the bronc riding. Would that be OK? It wouldn't be sold, just hung on the wall. (Specifically #11 of 24 and #14 of 24 on the list when you click on them.) If you could please let me know at eportertx AT I would appreciate it. If you happen to have the original(larger/higher res) file and would be willing to share you would have my undying gratitude. ;) Thanks!