Friday, July 8, 2011

in anticipation for tomorrow

On more than one occasion I have wondered, anxiously, when the next time Matt and I will be in Santa Barbara again. The thought of visiting the warmer part of the Pacific and sights of swaying palm trees ignites a swell of happiness within me, but the fact is we aren't in school anymore. No more breaks to road trip to wherever our hearts desire.

I know every year we will visit at least once during the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday season, but oh, the beaches and the sun in Southern California during the summer. Very different from what we have 1,000+ miles up the coast. Look to the East, looks like Colorado with a dusting of moss, look to the West, BAM! the ocean. I helplessly taunt myself with thoughts like, "Maybe today, since the sun is out, it's warm enough to swim in." Then, when my feet cop a feel of the icy water I snap back to reality and wonder how expensive a  full-body wetsuit is.

The Oregon coast is beautiful and I am so glad we are close to it, but the heart wants what the heart wants. So, when Matt was assigned to work in SB next week, I immediately jumped into "me, me, me!" mode. Usually my "me, me, me!" attitude doesn't work on Matt, but I think he wanted me to go almost as bad as I did.

At this time, in this state of mind, I think I would give up a leg to live on the beach in Santa Barbara. That's right, a leg.

Past pictures:

first SB visit together...

getting our marriage certificate...

wedding day...

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