Tuesday, June 28, 2011

peacock sightings

While driving from La Grande to Union, OR, to see an old LDS Chapel that Matt wanted to show me, we drove by this old hotel and checked it out. A famous bronze sculptor works here and restored the place. It is called Hot Lake Springs because the surrounding lakes are natural hot springs with a temperature of 208 degrees!

As we were walking up to the hotel, this peacock walked passed us. It was awesome.
208 degrees!
Matt wanted to steal the baby peacocks and raise them as our own.
These 2 were loud and walked everywhere together.
A unique and uncommon look for a LDS Chapel, built in 1904.


  1. Wards used to build their own chapels, This is so beautiful.

  2. I want to go to church in that building, no fair. Also, I feel bad for the people who discovered those hot springs and probably boiled to death. Also, i love all your little adventures!