Monday, June 6, 2011

utah trip

Lots of emotions this past week with Rachel's wedding, spending time with family and then saying goodbye.

With hundreds of pictures to sort through, I'd rather start the first of many posts with a list of my favorite events.

-Matt was upgraded to first class on our flight to Utah and deserves brownie points for giving it to me.
      -We saw a moose in the middle of downtown Salt Lake. We were shocked. We've seen deer, but to see a moose is very rare. I'm assuming. Moose are so weird looking.
-Rach looked amazing in her wedding gown.
      -Dancing like a fool with Matt. He was disappointed in my lack of coordination and said I was holding him back.
-Niece, baby Hannah, was unbelievably precious.
      -We left rainy Salt Lake for Moab to experience 80+ degree weather for the first time since last summer. We think summer is the greatest season in Utah.
-Nathan's impressions of Matt (brother) and dad's dancing.
     -Family and friends!
-Red Iguana, Cafe Rio, In-n-out, Moochie's, the Pie

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