Monday, May 9, 2011

monday musings

  • A picture of Mt. Hood Matt texted me from his flight today. I think he has seen every side of it by now.
  • I've never heard of this "Nutricate: to nutritionally educate" before and maybe it will catch on, but we tried out a fast food place last week and this is what their receipt looks like. Makes me not want to go back. If I'm eating fast food, it's not because I am worried about calories, but thanks for the reminder! Yep, that first meal was mine. 820 calories for a milkshake!
  • It has been weird not arguing on what to watch on TV or what music to listen to in the car. I am loving it! The Mavs have more than made up for all of the past Lakers/Mavs bets I have lost.
  • Rachel had good reason to be worried the second I found out about Pinterest. I am obsessed. Just another thing to keep me on the internet longer than I should be. When I signed up, there was a wait list, but it is worth the wait! It's a nice way for me to organize the chaos in my head and to get creative ideas.

1 comment:

  1. haha! i love pinterest too and i'm secretly happy that you love it too. I have to watch myself or else i go crazy...mostly in spurts. Anyways i'm glad we are both pinners. It makes me feel like we interact daily and i like that!