Wednesday, May 4, 2011

another sweet, sweet victory

Matt is a die-hard Lakers fan and I am a die-hard Mavs fan, so while this rare series showdown is in progress, we are "a house divided". We have a bet that for a month, the winner of the series gets to chose everything we do together, no matter how torturing it is for the other person, they have to do it. By the way the series is going, I better start making a to-do list!

For tonight's pre-game meal Matt made Chicago-style hot dogs. I spent the majority of the game baking and nearly failing at making cupcakes with cookie dough. I colored the cake batter Mavs and Lakers colors, but put a little bit too much batter and cookie dough in them. Still turned out great!

The Mavs cupcakes look like earth cupcakes.

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