Saturday, April 9, 2011

this is what broken down on a highway in tacoma, wa looks like

We spent a couple of days babysitting Matt's nieces in the Seattle area and as I was driving our way home, I heard a loud thump and the gas pedal stopped working. With the car slowing down and Matt's motivation I pulled over between an on-ramp and traffic.

The story is too long, but with a restless night in a hotel, too much time spent in a sketchy neighborhood, two tow trucks, two taxis, 2 transmission shops, an unexpected pounding to the wallet and an amazing ex-roommate from byu who drove us back to Matt's sister's place later, we probably won't be home until the middle of next week.

It's too soon to laugh about it. As Matt's niece Charlotte would say, "POOEYCATOOEY!".

A happy picture of Matt's other niece, Violet.

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