Sunday, April 3, 2011

nerd alert

Matt loves puzzles and crosswords; basically, any kind of brain teaser. I won't even attempt to work on a newspaper crossword any day after Monday.

When Matt gets back from working out of town, he usually doesn't want to go out on the weekends. So, these past few weekends have been about puzzles. Making me a nerd by association. He spent too much time on ebay, like a kid in a toy store, looking for the right puzzles to order. Some of those babies can be surprisingly expensive. We have completed a puzzle of The Last Supper by Da Vinci, (still proudly displayed on the kitchen table and will probably be there until Easter), and we are now working on Dowdle's Washington, D.C. puzzle on the coffee table. My family loves Dowdle Folk Art puzzles.

Now, I like puzzles and I get a great sense of accomplishment when I find pieces that fit, but unlike Matt, I have a short attention span. I get easily worn out and take frequent breaks. Even if I had Matt's endurance, they still take hours and I struggle knowing that every piece we put together, we are just going to have to take apart later.

[I realize in this musing that these puzzles can be easily compared to how much time I spend blogging, watching TV or wasting time on Facebook. It's almost 2 in the morning and will be going back to working on the puzzle with Matt now.]


  1. Ha ha that's tunny cause I just got a huge lot of puzzles from the recycling center and started doing one of them. It's being laying on me bedroom floor for about a week now. I should probably finish it. I'm getting sick of jumping over it hah

  2. Loral, blame it on genetics - Grandma Payne used to do puzzles all the time. She'd have them spread out on the dining room table and suck us in to help her :)

  3. We have one of those mats you can roll the puzzle up and store it when you need it out of the way. I'm a puzzle person too so it's handy. :)