Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The age difference is obvious when Matt and I talk about movies, TV shows and music we grew up with and he has taken it upon himself to introduce me to parts of pop culture I have missed. Under his direction I have been acquainted with shows like In Living Color and movies like Weekend at Bernie's, Mad Max, The Shining, and Beverly Hills Cop. He is also constantly quizzing me with songs on his iPod or the radio asking if I have heard of this person, band or song.

IMDb has been our guide in making lists of movies we would like/need to see. Last night we played card games while watching the four hours of Gone With the Wind. The cinematography was amazing, but ahhh...what was up with the ending?! The last time we were this disappointed with an ending was 2001: A Space Odyssey.

"Classic" 80s films up next for my viewing pleasure include: Willow, Teen Wolf, Rain Man, Predator, The Naked Gun, Beetle Juice, The 'burbs, The Neverending Story, and Time Bandits. Gotta love the 80s!


  1. I hate the ending of Gone With the Wind! Sounds like lots of fun. I love watcing old shows and movies.

  2. haha, i totally understand the age difference thing! happens with duke and I too.