Wednesday, April 13, 2011

introverts of the this book!

Since 1 in 4 people are introverted, at least one of the seven people following this blog has a temperament like mine. For this, I'll tell you about The Introvert Advantage: How to Thrive in a Extrovert World.

75% of people are extroverts, so the world caters to this mentality and you are considered "a fish out of water" if you are an introvert. Extroverts and introverts are different in how they get their energy. Extroverts get energy from others, while introverts get energy from themselves. Before I realized I was introverted, it would surprise me when people told me I was mysterious, shy or aloof, because I didn't feel that way at all and it had made me self-conscious. This book expanded my understanding of introversion and gave me a mind-blowing amount of Aha! moments. I got a real grasp of what makes me tick.

If self-improvement books were steaks, this would be my Filet Mignon.

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  1. I've added this to my to read list. It sounds interesting. My mother-in-law just sent Jules home with a book called The Highly Sensitive Person and I found it laying around and read the first little bit and I find myself already wanting to read more and more. I can't recommend it too much since I haven't really read it yet, but so far it sounds really interesting and you might like it as well - it overlaps/redefines some parts of introversion and traits commonly associated with it.