Friday, April 22, 2011

friday night

It has been nonstop sunny, so it has been a good Friday.  Tonight has been about Five Guys, watching the Lakers game, listening to Matt yell at the TV, Matt rewinding the game and making me watch good plays or bogus calls the refs make, old Will Ferrell SNL clips during the commercials (my favorite) and later we are going to see Atlas Shrugged. I've never heard of it, bur he says the book is good.

A little glimpse of what it is like taking pictures with Matt.
Mad about the Lakers game and covers his face with the remote.
Watching old SNL clips, so he is already smiling.
Is actually pretty good about taking kissing pictures.
Pretending to be mad I didn't take a good kissing picture the first time.
You know how some girls ask for their picture to be retaken because they don't think they look good in them? I don't have that luxury. I have to take whatever I can get with Matt.

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