Sunday, April 17, 2011

bridal shower!

We ate, chatted, opened gifts, and watched an interview of "almost-newlywed" questions I recorded with Manti. We first heard Rachel's answers to the questions at the shower and then watched how Manti had responded. Manti was a great interviewee. There were lots of fun girls and it was a fun shower.

I'm so happy I could come out to Utah to spend time time with my beautiful sister and to kick off the first of many wedding celebrations.

Dad ordered these absolutely beautiful flowers for the shower/our mom, for their 34th wedding anniversary.

We recreated the Peep "sunflower" yellow butter cake with chocolate fudge icing that our mom had made before. Even though no one got it, it was delicious.

Coincidentally, one of Rachel's friends brought a beautiful bouquet of sunflower cupcakes in a flower pot. So cute.

Decorations I made. The wedding colors are aqua, coral and khaki.


  1. ohhh looks like fun!! and I totally love the colors!! i love them and am highly debating that combo. good job with the decor!