Friday, November 12, 2010

it is crunch time

Even though, to Matt, it won't look like I did a lot this week for the move, I feel good about it. Since Matt has literally 4 more days left in Utah, I will being packing most of the stuff. He is getting worried we won't be ready for the move and seems to think that there is a chance I would let that happen by the time December 4th rolls around. Tisk-Tisk, Matthew.

I'm glad Matt's mom is backing me up about getting a dog, since this past couple of weeks, I have developed TMJ. She helped Matt and I to realize that since I don't have Matt with me at night, I am unconsciously grinding my teeth and the right side of my jaw is in a lot of pain.

I will be listening to Christmas music via the radio all the way to Salt Lake tonight and once I pick up Matt, he will change it. He says it's not Christmas time until the day after Thanksgiving. That is rubbish. When it is Christmas in the stores and there are Christmas commercials on TV, it is time to listen to Christmas music. Then again, you don't need any of that. I'll listen to it anytime of the year.

I am thinking of ways to kidnap Rach, since it is too late now to take back the moving idea. I hope I won't regret this move too much. I will have to learn how to use Skype.

K, I'm done.

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