Friday, October 29, 2010

you are the best to my friend

Thanks bu, for working.

Those security lines, long flights, packing and unpacking, and eating out all the time probably gets old. And you don't complain at all.

One of us has to work and we would be in big trouble if I was the only one. I'm lucky to have married someone who is so very talented.

Remember when I yelled, "I LOVE YOU, MATT HANSEN!" as you were walking through the sliding doors to enter the airport? Thanks for not ignoring me. I actually thought you would. Instead you turned and half waved. You played it off nicely.

I thought the weeks would get easier the longer you had this job, but now they are kind of starting to suck.

Weekends are becoming increasingly valuable. The absence of cuddling, kisses and "I love yous" during the week makes me appreciate them all when you are home.

Sorry if the apartment isn't clean and for the lack of home cooked meals. I am a work in progress.

See you tonight in the passenger pick-up line.

I love you!


  1. Hang in there, if you ever need to talk call me. I know it can get tough but it is worth it. Make sure Matt is getting all the hotel points and airline miles he can, they are great and it's a nice perk of the job. Have him talk to Bryan about points and miles, we just spent a week in Cancun and it cost us $0 because of Bryan had airline miles and hotel points. Hope to see you guys at Thanksgiving.

  2. Okay so maybe I'm the sappiest person ever but this post totally made me choke up. I read it to Jared and we both remembered having those same conversations. I used to no be a huge fan of Mondays and Thursdays. Mondays because that's when Jared left and my Brody would cry all day for his Dad and Thursdays because it's like you were almost there but not quite. Fridays were the best, though! That being said, I used to make Mondays and Thursdays my really busy days. If I had shopping I had to do (well, for someone who really enjoys to go shopping that's sort of a need, right?! :) ) I'd wait and do it on one of those days. Sounds so stupid, but it helped! We'd also e-mail each other pretty frequently, especially after we had kids. I don't know about you guys but we didn't talk a whole lot during the week because Jared was so busy and when they're staying in hotel rooms with other people it's sort of hard to have real personal conversations, u know? Especially after we had kids, I had a hard time remembering on Friday everything that happened during the week so I'd write Jared every now and then and tell him the cute little things the boys did so he still felt involved. I know you guys don't have kids yet, and you may do that already, but I thought I'd pass that along. Sometimes it was just nice to have an "I love you" waiting in my inbox :) Another little tip that you may already do, but just in case I thought I'd share. In Denver and in every airport he used to fly out of in SoCal when he came in on Friday nights I'd pick him up in the Departure area instead of arrivals. In Denver I sat on the curb for an hour sometimes and no one ever came to bug me about it because it was usually after all the other flights had left and no one was "departing". Makes those pick up lines a lot shorter! :) Hang in there and definitely take advantage of the miles like Katy said. Those are very nice :) Hope you're having a great Halloween weekend!