Friday, October 15, 2010

love, love, love this book

A couple months ago, I searched Mormon in the search engine of Amazon to see what books would come up. The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance, a memoir, by Elna Baker was one of the first ones to show up. It had good reviews, but because I had never heard anyone talk about it, I wouldn't order it. I tried to find it at the Provo Library, but it already had 20 holds on it. Yesterday, as I was waiting for my eye exam at Costco (my eyes are at an all time worst, with a -9 in each eye, fantastic), I was looking through the books and happened to stumble upon it. I was excited, but thought it could also be lame. It was only $9 so I got it. I am so glad I did! I could not put this book down.

I wish I could paste parts of it on here. I appreciate this memoir for it's honesty. The author knows how to write and how to tell a story. She is hilarious and you are guaranteed to laugh out loud as you read about her life as a single Mormon in New York and possibly tear up a few times (I did). She is frank and there is "colorful" language and racy material, so don't expect because this is written by a Mormon, it will be all unicorns and rainbows. It is genuine and it is refreshing that she does not sugarcoat her struggles with faith and love. That is why I love her and this book. I highly recommend this memoir and I think any woman would enjoy reading this, not just Mormons. I promise you will enjoy reading this, it's too funny not to enjoy!

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  1. I read that book last year! You're right, it's absolutely hilarious. I was so entertained!