Sunday, October 3, 2010


Matt stayed with his family through the weekend he was in California before he would fly to another city the following week for work, so we bought me a ticket to visit family. I am so glad I got to spend time down in Arizona, but I could have done without the 100+ degree weather.

Highlights of my time with Grandma Nelson:

Making coconut cream pie and bread pudding (she can make anything and it will be delicious)
Crocheting stocking caps
Looking over hundreds of pictures of her, my grandpa, my parents and pictures of my family I had never seen before
Asking her about her experiences in the 89 years of her life, my grandpa, and advice about marriage (communication and if you are good to your husband, he will be good to you)

She is the sweetest, most humble, thoughtful woman in the world and everyone I met who knows her reminded me of that.

Highlights of my time with Matt, Adrianne and the kiddoes:

Watching Luke and Maddie's soccer games
Hearing Luke voluntarily apologize to Adrianne about being upset at her because of his snack
Swimming with Maddie, Abbie and Luke
Watching Abbie terrorize their very patient English Bulldog
Learning about the color blue, the letter F, the shape square and and the number six as Adrianne taught 5 three year old boys during Luke's joy school
Helping Maddie with her homework
Reading bedtime stories
Watching the great examples Matt and Adrianne are to their kids

 Coolest kid ever.

I should've taken more pictures, but I will see them again at Thanksgiving!

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  1. Oh my goodness, the kiddos look sooooo old!! When did that happen?!? So glad you had fun in Arizona! Come visit us next!!