Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I turned 23 yesterday, 23! It crept up so fast and I'm not sure if I'm ready for it.

The special treatment started at Lake Powell when Matt's family surprised me with a krispie treat cake covered in chocolate frosting and sang to me.

Then we went up to Park City the day before my birthday to visits my parents, where I opened presents and had a birthday cake. That day we went to the Art festival and there was so many different kinds of beautiful art.

These coffee table/wood drums were so cool!

These kids loved playing with the nozzles of this machine/sculpture, water would dump on them unxpectedly from different parts.

The day of my birthday Matt gave me our last wedding gift card to buy whatever I wanted and we found hiking shoes I needed. I'm excited to try them out. Beau also made delicious, made from scratch, chili and bought Kneader's bread bowls to eat out of. Best chili I have ever had. After dinner, we went to Rock Canyon park for the movie showing of Penelope, I've been meaning to see it and it was really good. It was fun to be outside at the park sitting on blankets with the view of the sunset waiting for the movie to start, listening to people karaoke, then watching the movie and having a view of the stars. My sis bought pints of Costco gelato (my favorite) for us to eat while watching the movie. I will never shop at Costco again without stopping at the food court for a cone of their gelato.

I had a great birthday and I am so grateful for everyone who made it so special!

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