Thursday, July 1, 2010

the dog days of summer

This past week I finished my training for my new job. I am a swim instructor for SwimKids and I love it! Here is their website. It is a great program teaching children, from babies to young kids, water safety and swimming skills. It is amazing how children can learn all of these important skills at such a young age. I love going to work and I feel like I am making a difference.

I am 2 years older than Rach.
However, 9 out of 10, people who have just met me and Rach assume I am the younger sister. Here's another example to add to the list: Rach and I were walking back to her house after eating dinner and she ran into an old freshman friend. He asked if I was in school. I told him I had just graduated. Immediately he replied, "High school?" Oy vey. Another story like this happened when I was working at the floral wholesale place. I get that I look young, especially when I am not wearing make-up, but high school? I just wonder how much longer I will still look like a teenager.

In other news...
Matt's parents bought a boat here in Utah for the Lake Powell trip in August, so Matt worked on some repairs today. I love watching Matt work with his hands and I took this opportunity to see what I can do with my camera in attempt to take more creative pictures.

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  1. your pictures are looking so good. makes me want a new camera bad. ps we will be in waweep, or however you spell that word, for the lake powell trip too! we'll have to meet up.