Sunday, June 20, 2010

happy father's day!

I am so grateful for my Dad. He is hardworking, generous, loves helping others, the nicest guy you will ever meet, will talk to anyone and everyone, can make anyone feel good about themself, super athletic, positive, very passionate (he could turn any conversation into him convincing you to run a marathon or to join the military), goofy, knows EVERYONE, and I am so lucky that he is my Dad! I am so grateful for his example in my life. I only hope I will accomplish as much as he has in his life.
Matt started to complain after seeing my post about my dad, saying that "this is SO your blog." And this is what he gets.

This is Matt and Bill on their Yucatan/ Belize Ruins Trip. Here they are at Lamanai (quite possibly the city of King Lamoni).
Matt and his Dad are a lot alike. They are passionate about Mayan Ruins, Mexico, discussing Church history, they love Trivial Pursuit, their familes, speaking Spanish and probably would just travel together all the time if they could. I'm lucky Matt was raised by such a great Dad and to be apart of Bill's family.

Matt is going to have to start adding to the blog because "this is SO our blog."

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