Monday, April 26, 2010

what should have been posted

Last summer's trip to SB.
Matt's nephew, Brandon. So cute.
A wedding ceremony by paddle board: Can you see the bride, groom and best man and bridesmaid?
Riding around the coast. Matt did most of the pedaling.

The day after Matt told his grandpa about the BEST tri-tip sandwiches place in Santa Barbara, we ran into him there.

Idaho: Brunt's Cabin Trip with Texas friends

John's birthday party

Utah State Fair

BYU game

Costume 5k: Matt got stung by a bee, I got lots of side cramps, we got in last place. haha!
Rach of course killed it and jumped back into the race to finish with us.

College Gameday in Provo
Whoa, frizzy morning hair.

Matt's 26th birhday. Friends joined us at Tucano's and I made Sprinkles Red Velvet cupcakes. Mhmm.

Baby Kobe

Matt made HOMEMADE flour tortillas.

Christmas in SB
Matt trying on the onesies in the little boys section.
Wrestling with Uncle Matt
Noah and Brandon
I was the first to sit on Santa's lap. (Cousin Austin)
Matt and Baby Violet


  1. Wow, we are sooo proud of you Loral Babes! Wish we could have been there for the big day. But let's be honest, less is more when it comes to Matt Nelson family fun! We are so excited to see what the future holds for you and Matt!

  2. my favorite pic of the post would have to be a toss up between matt in the onesie and you and rach impersonating the men at college game day.