Saturday, April 10, 2010

billy and angie's wedding

We were excited to take a short trip to Northern California for Bill and Angie's wedding and went up a day early to visit San Francisco again. We pretty much did everything you can do in San Francisco during our last trip, so we had a special place in mind for this trip.  Matt drove the whole way there and the whole way back to Utah. He is the best.

The beautiful drive to San Francisco from Walnut Creek

We visited Golden Gate Park and we were amazed at how huge it was. I haven't seen Central Park in NY (someday) but I think this is what it would look like after visiting Golden Gate Park. With it's massive trees, lakes and rivers; it didn't seem like we were in a city.

We had to stop here...

to get here, a sandwich shop highlighted on the show Man vs. Food show...

to have the chance to eat this: the Kryptonite. Matt is holding only half of it in his huge hands and it was delicious.

Billy and Matt. The wedding was at a beautiful park near the bay and I am mad we didn't take a picture, it had an amazing view of the bay on the drive up. Matt did a great job with the best man toast.

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