Sunday, August 16, 2009

jon and annie kimball - 08.01.09

jon and annie had their reception at sundance and it was beautiful. the hall was covered with bright summer colors and the food was delicious. we were able to see a lot of santa barbara friends (matt above holding micah's 8-day old baby), also andy and jen, and scott and lindsay. they had a live band and lots of people were dancing...i discovered that matt is a very good dancer, matt and i would tease each other that we were a better dancer than the other without actually trying to prove it so i always ask him to dance for me and he always says no, so he really impressed me with his moves on the dance floor. matt enjoyed talking to people he hadn't seen in a long time and i enjoy meeting the people matt grew up with. weddings are so fun and i can't wait for whit's this weekend.
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