Tuesday, July 21, 2009

floating the provo river

matt and i spent last saturday floating the provo river and eating a little bbq afterwards. the provo river was packed! it was me, matt, andrew, becca, and adam. to begin, the water was FREEZING and the river was moving quite a bit faster then i had remembered with rapids i have never seen before. we had our rafts, blow up mattresses and pool mats but this would not be enough...after crashing into the first bridge at the very beginning of the river, adam and becca's blow up mattress popped, so the extra pool mat was given to them and eventually adam spotted a pretty nice innertube logged into some branches on the river and they each had their own floating device, then the second bridge came and we slammed into that, where matt and i's raft that we had bought the day before could not avoid the nails and did not make it, so adam took what was left of our blown up raft and generously gave us his innertube. matt and i layed on each side of it, but because matt is heavier than me and kept my side out of the water and so he had to endure more of the cold water than i did. during all this, andrew had a pool mat that we had brought that only half of it could stay inflated. besides all that, it was an adventure trying to hang on to one anothers rafts while avoiding rocks, trees and brush. there were a couple of times i was on the outter edge and had to cover my head with my arms to protect me from tree brush. even though it took awhile afterwards for our bodies to recover from the water and banging our limbs against rocks, it was so much fun, and i can't wait to do it again when we are more prepared. we ended up going to kiwanis park for our bbq where lindsay and scott joined us. the girls talked and the boys played frisbee and threw around a football. we had had fun eating hamburgers, brats, and talking til sun down. the pictures above are from while we were drivng through the canyon. it is so beautiful during the summer. and there are a few pictures of the boys and me and matt at the park.
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