Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Adventures of Matt and Loral Before Getting Engaged.... (Cont'd)

(May '08)

Matt and I and friends made the drive to Havasupai, an Indian village in Arizona in the Grand Canyon. The hike down through switchbacks and the canyon to Havasupai takes about 5 hours and is10 miles long, but well worth it! This was the most beautiful place I have been with the clear blue water against the red rock.

Landon, Toby, Kelcey, Rob and Matt

The canyon we hiked for 10 miles. We made the hike to and from the car at night so we never saw what the canyon looked like until the morning after we hiked out.

Matt jumping off a waterfall

Me, jumping off a much smaller waterfall

Havasupai Fall

At the top of Havasupai Fall

California Trip (Bakersfield, Santa Barbara & San Francisco!)
June '08

Matt and I had the opportunity to visit family in Bakersfield when I had a family reunion. After Bakersfield we visited his family in Santa Barbara and then we were able to visit his brother Bill and his now Fiance, Angie, who were nice enough to have us for a couple of days while Matt and I explored San Francisco. We were able to ride a trolley, visit Chinatown, walk along Pier 49, eat ice cream at Ghiradelli square and take a tour of Alcatraz! It was so much fun to see family and make the beautiful drive up the 1 on the coast of California.

Golden Gate Bridge

Align Center

Saying hello to the Elephant Seals Matt spotted on the drive to San Francisco

Tour of Alcatraz


Steepest Street in San Francisco

Riding on the Trolley

Walking through a National Park on the coast

Just a beautiful beach we stopped at on the drive

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Adventures of Matt and Loral Before Getting Engaged....

On our way to Moab was had the chance to stop and admire the North rim of the Grand Canyon, so PRETTY!


Delicate Arch

Landscape Arch

Double Arch

Landscape Arch

Matt tending to the fire at camp

Indian Ladder

Indian Ladder

Delicate Arch

Delicate Arch

Double Arch

Balanced Rock

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where were Matt and Loral for Valentine's Day?...Miami!!!

Road trip to Florida

Matt and I made the 40 hour drive to Florida with friends to enjoy the beautiful sunny weather of Miami and the Keys. We were able to drive through the states; Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Kentucky, to and from Florida. South Miami beach was one of the nicest beaches I have ever been to. The water was clear blue with no seaweed or marine life in sight. We slept in our sleeping bags on the beach in the Keys. There were street performers and a lot of fun shops to go into in the Keys. Miami beach was busy, but had a relaxed atmosphere and was lined with restaurants and designer clothing stores. It was nice to get away from the cold, but we're excited to use the ski passes my parents gave Matt for Christmas this weekend!

South Beach, Miami

Sleeping on the beach in the Keys

On Bourbon Street in New Orleans

Key West
St. Louis, Missouri